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Secure eSignatures for Manufacturing Industry

Achieving Transformation with eSignatures in Manufacturing | A Case Study

Avantika Joglekar

Businesses of all sectors are on a perpetual quest for streamlined processes, where efficiency and cost reduction are paramount. With its intricate operations and intricate supply chains, the manufacturing industry is no stranger to this pursuit.

This blog post is a vital case study of Unik PolyPack, a distinguished mulch film manufacturer and distributor in India. Discover how this forward-thinking company harnessed the transformative power of DrySign electronic signatures, propelling their collaboration to new heights while significantly slashing costs.

A Visionary Journey | Unik PolyPack 

Established in 2004 by three Polymer Engineers with extensive expertise in Plastics Processing, Technical Services, Machine Manufacturing, and Additive & Color Masterbatch sales, Unik PolyPack has evolved into a leading force in the industry.

As a manufacturer of Agri Films, Plastic Films, and custom-made bags, and a Speciality Polymers & Additives distributor, Unik PolyPack is dedicated to delivering superior products that ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. Their mission is to offer unrivaled solutions while maintaining a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Operating with two distinct divisions, manufacturing, and trading, Unik PolyPack has cultivated expertise in industrial packaging solutions, foam lamination films, and agricultural films. Their trading division serves as an importer of raw materials for the plastic industry, meeting diverse application needs. With a presence across India, including a head office in Mumbai and a plant based in Nashik, Unik PolyPack caters to various industries such as Food & Beverage, Retail, and Packaging Solutions. Furthermore, their reach extends to international markets, including Southeast Asia, Turkey, Bahrain, China, Bangladesh, South America, and the UAE.

Unik PolyPack's commitment to innovation, quality, and global reach perfectly sets the stage for its journey toward harnessing the transformative power of DrySign eSignatures. Let's explore how this visionary company embraced digital transformation to revolutionize their collaboration and pave the way for cost reduction.

Embracing the Digital Revolution: Manufacturing Industry's Paperless Pursuit 

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, the manufacturing industry is marching steadfastly toward digital transformation. The quest for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability has propelled companies to reimagine their traditional processes and embrace innovative solutions. Unik PolyPack, a trailblazer in the manufacturing sector, stands as a shining example of this transformative journey.

During our conversation with Siddhi Kabra, Business Manager at Unik PolyPack, we gained invaluable insights into their digital transformation voyage. With her keen oversight of procurement and customer satisfaction, Siddhi witnessed firsthand the profound impact of digitalization and automation on the industry.

Much like other sectors, the manufacturing landscape is rapidly adapting to new technologies. Automation has emerged as a powerful tool, eliminating redundancies and reducing dependence on manual labor. As Siddhi emphasized, this shift has not only fueled growth but also enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Moreover, the industry is increasingly embracing environmental consciousness. Businesses are taking significant strides toward sustainability by adopting digital invoicing and documentation. Going paperless has become a top priority, enabling companies to minimize their environmental footprint while streamlining processes.

Unik PolyPack's commitment to digital transformation and sustainability exemplifies the manufacturing industry's collective aspiration. The relentless pursuit of efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental responsibility has positioned the manufacturing industry at the forefront of the paperless revolution.

Unik PolyPack's Journey to Paperless Efficiency with DrySign Electronic Signatures 

Unik PolyPack, driven by its unwavering commitment to sustainability and efficiency, embarked on a transformative path in 2022 by adopting DrySign eSignatures. What initially seemed like a means to sign documents online quickly evolved into a comprehensive solution for secure and legally compliant digital signatures. DrySign captured their attention, offering the perfect blend of document integrity, reduced paper consumption, and enhanced efficiency.

Before embracing DrySign, Unik PolyPack heavily relied on paper-based processes for their invoices, vendor contracts, and agreements. The staggering volume of paper used, averaging thousands of invoices per year and consuming paper ream after paper ream, posed significant challenges. The printing and physical signing of documents not only consumed time but also incurred substantial stationery expenses.

DrySign revolutionized these cumbersome processes by eliminating the need for printing and physical signatures. Unik PolyPack could digitally sign and securely transmit invoices, slashing paper consumption and related costs. Moreover, the cloud-based storage of signed documents eliminated the burdensome physical filing and storage requirements, optimizing operational efficiency.

The implementation of online signatures by DrySign brought significant economic benefits for Unik PolyPack. They experienced substantial savings in paper and stationery costs, but postage and courier expenses were reduced. The transition to digital processes streamlined document management, reducing filing, storing, and handling charges. Siddhi emphasized that these savings were just the tip of the iceberg, with even more significant economic impacts anticipated as digital adoption and awareness continue to rise.

Unik PolyPack's shift to paperless efficiency with DrySign exemplifies the power of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

Listen to the full podcast 

DrySign Podcast Ep. 2

Overcoming Barriers to Digital Adoption: What are the problems with going paperless? 

In the manufacturing industry's journey toward digital transformation, several reasons can hinder companies from fully embracing tools like eSignatures and transitioning to paperless offices. However, these barriers can be overcome with proper education and proactive solutions. Let's explore the key reasons that prohibit manufacturing companies from going digital and moving towards paperless offices:

  1. Resistance to Change:
    • Fear of Change and Disruption: Businesses may hesitate to adopt new technologies due to a fear of disrupting existing processes. Change can be perceived as risky and may require significant adjustments in workflows and employee training.

    • Learning Curve and Implementation Challenges: The learning curve associated with new digital tools can be a deterrent for some businesses. Implementing and integrating these tools into existing systems may require time, resources, and expertise that companies might be reluctant to invest in.

  2. Safety and Compliance Concerns:

    • Data Security: Worries about data security and unauthorized access to sensitive documents and data can prevent companies from fully embracing digital solutions. Businesses need reassurance that their information will be protected from potential breaches and cyber threats.

    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements is paramount. Companies must ensure that digital solutions meet all necessary standards, certifications, and legal obligations to maintain the integrity and legality of their documents.

  3. Lack of Awareness and Understanding:

    • Limited Knowledge: Some businesses may lack awareness of the benefits, features, and functionalities of digital tools like eSignatures. Companies must understand the potential advantages to be willing to explore these solutions or fully comprehend their transformative potential.

    • Cost and Efficiency Benefits: Companies may be unaware of the significant cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and time savings that come with going paperless. Educating businesses about the tangible advantages of digital tools can help overcome this barrier.

  4. Legacy Systems and Processes:

    • Dependence on Traditional Paper-Based Workflows: Companies relying heavily on traditional paper-based processes may need help transitioning to digital workflows. Adapting legacy systems and processes to incorporate new digital tools can be complex and require careful planning and resources.

    • Integration Challenges: Integrating new digital tools with legacy systems and workflows can pose technical and logistical challenges. The need for seamless integration without disrupting ongoing operations can deter businesses from switching.

Overcoming these barriers requires proactive efforts from solution providers, such as DrySign, to address concerns, educate businesses about safety measures and compliance standards, and highlight the robust protection of company documents. With proper support and understanding, manufacturing companies can unlock the full potential of paperless offices, streamline operations, and embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

During our conversation with Siddhi, her appreciation for DrySign was evident. The intuitive dashboard emerged as a personal favorite feature, providing a comprehensive view of all invoices and documents. This user-friendly interface facilitated easy access to information, streamlined checks, and ensured accuracy, enhancing the overall user experience.

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DrySign + Unik Polypack | A unique journey toward digital transformation 

Unik PolyPack's seamless and satisfactory experience with DrySign stands as a testament to the power of eSignatures in the manufacturing industry. Their journey showcases how even mid-scale companies can embrace secure digital signing and reap the remarkable benefits.

By implementing DrySign, Unik PolyPack has unlocked a new realm of collaboration, cost reduction, and sustainability. The transformation is evident as their offices and desks have transformed, reflecting their commitment to a greener and more digitally friendly future.

DrySign is an online digital signature solution that is fully compliant with the Information Technology Act 2000 and has been certified by eMudhra, a Certifying Authority (CA) authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) for issuance of Digital Signature Certificates in India. These certifications underscore the robust security measures and legal compliance that underpin DrySign, offering businesses like Unik PolyPack the peace of mind they need in the digital landscape.

Unik PolyPack's case study serves as an inspiring example of the potential of eSignatures for manufacturing businesses. It highlights the tremendous impact of embracing innovative technologies on processes, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Learn more about the benefits of signing documents online and DrySign electronic signatures.

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