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DrySign automates the signing process using online signatures, enabling pharma and healthcare professionals to provide exceptional service.

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and dynamic, where providing the best service is not an option but a necessity. Providing high-quality care requires healthcare providers to have their paperwork in order. This is why in recent times, an increasing number of providers have been investing in comprehensive e-signature healthcare solutions.

Integrating existing systems with a digital signature solution helps streamline workflows and eliminates the dependency on paper forms, ultimately leading to time and cost savings, better patient experience, and improved efficiency.

DrySign’s legally binding virtual signatures are IT Act, 2000-compliant and are issued with eMudhra certification to enable healthcare organizations to provide the necessary care without worrying about legality.

DrySign for Healthcare Organizations

Faster Admissions and Order Processing

In hospitals and pharmacies, time is of the essence. Even the slightest delay can cause irreversible and unfavorable consequences. DrySign helps in expediting this manual process significantly. This means hospitals start treatment quickly, and pharmacies always have their inventories stocked.

Convenient Cloud Storage

DrySign is a platform that enables all authorizations and documentation to be completed and stored online. As a result, users can authorize, access, or manage their paperwork from anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate Paper Documentation

DrySign is 100% digital and supports all environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives. Hospitals and pharmacies have a significant carbon footprint that can be reduced drastically with DrySign.

Seamless Integration

DrySign integrates with various enterprise solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other software to create a seamless workflow.

Increased Security and Compliance

Hospitals and pharmacies store large amounts of sensitive patient data and employment information. Digital storage with DrySign keeps your data fully safe and compliant so that it can be quickly accessed and used in times of need.

Multiple Filetype Support

DrySign offers electronic signature support for all PDF, Doc, as well as Excel files. With DrySign’s e-signature for healthcare industry professionals, users can expect all the support and flexibility they need to scale their signing workflows and improve their businesses’ bottom line.

Electronic Signature Solution for Healthcare Professionals


  • Admission forms
  • Patient documentation
  • Medical procedure approvals
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Signing prescriptions from medical officers
  • Consent forms for medical records
  • Signing medical reports and certificates
  • Contract management
  • Approvals for clinical studies