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Incorporate e-signatures to simplify remote admission for studying abroad

How To Simplify Your Study Abroad Journey With E-Signatures!

Pooja Patil

Years back, studying abroad was an option considered only by the rich and elite. However, times have changed, and in the last decade, going abroad for higher education has become a common phenomenon. Today, every organization strives to get that one employee who can fit in the global work environment, understands the international markets well, and is competitive enough. Students who get international experience prior to entering the workplace are already ahead of their peers and have a deep understanding of different cultures. For students looking to study abroad, there are a lot of things to consider such as location, cost, food, admission processes, different cultures, etc. Sometimes, the distance, time differences, and potential language barriers make it complicated to study abroad, and this was the scenario before the coronavirus crisis. Indeed, the pandemic has irreversibly changed the way we conduct international exchange; be it business, education, tourism, etc.

Most universities and colleges have adopted online learning methods. Cutting-edge technological advancements such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ­ have revolutionized the way the education sector operates today. Thankfully, with the vaccination rates rising and lesser aggressive variants, studying abroad has become a real option again. However, getting the right degree from an ideal university is challenging. Sometimes, students have to move abroad to fulfill their dream. According to a study by UNESCO, out of the 5 million students studying abroad in 2018, 750,000 were Indians. In a 2021 survey, India ranked second in the list of countries that exported students to international study locations, second only to China. For students focused on the degree more than the experience, most foreign universities also offer online courses that are just as rigorous and worthwhile as physically studying in the classroom. These courses are also known to be cheaper, and the costs of living and accommodation can also be eliminated. However, the current remote and hybrid culture has surprisingly increased the scope of studying abroad. One of the key factors adding to this rise is e-signatures and the ease they offer when it comes to documentation. E-signatures are being adopted more frequently in foreign education and application processes. Electronic signatures have made it very easy and hassle-free for students to apply for their studies remotely. Let’s dive into this blog to discover the ways to simplify your application process for any country of your choice.

Ways E-Signatures Streamline the Remote Application Process for Studying Abroad

Securing a position in a renowned college or university abroad is a dream for many youngsters to nurture in their quest for bright careers and life prospects. However, apprehending the intricacies and the procedure for securing a seat in foreign universities is not a cakewalk. Numerous students tend to give up on their dream as they can’t navigate the admission process. Moving out of one’s own country is one of the most significant changes in a student’s life, and it needs a good plan. Below are a few things you must keep in mind on the journey to your dream university:

  • Online Passport and VISA Application

This is the first thing you must get in order to travel to your preferred country. To study in another country, you need a student visa. To apply online for a student visa in most countries like the UK, the USA, and New Zealand, you need a Letter of Acceptance from your University plus proof of finances to support your stay. Each country and university or college have their own required set of documents that you will need to procure, attest, and send before a deadline. Considering the challenges everyone has had to confront because of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries have made several changes in their visa requirements, interviews, paperwork, etc. The UK has re-introduced a post-study work visa, which allows students to remain in the country after graduation to look for jobs for two years. Not limited to this, the UK government has made several other changes to its work visa rules. Australia and several other countries have started interviewing candidates on the phone and no longer require the physical presence of a student for interviews. The US, too, has dropped the in-person requirement for interviews of specific categories of work visas such as L1, H1B, and O2. In addition, now many governments have made it legal to use e-signatures in certain documents, making it more convenient to apply for a student visa remotely.

  • Student Insurance

Insurance is a must whenever you buy a new car, house, or any valuable thing. Likewise, to foolproof the study abroad journey of students, student insurance is a must. Student insurance covers travel expenses or any sort of unforeseen emergencies such as loss of passport, medical emergencies, loss of luggage, etc. Most universities make it a point to ask their foreign students to get student insurance before they physically move. In addition, many insurance firms now serve online to eliminate the infinite paperwork that comes with getting student insurance. E-signatures are the easiest way to sign insurance forms online and share them with your insurance company. In short, a process that just a few years back would take 7-8 business days, endless sheets of paper, printing, scanning, and more back and forth, now takes mere minutes to get completed, making a student’s dream to study abroad viable.

  • Online Student Applications

Thankfully, most universities that accept international students insist on online applications today. The process of application is one that is heavily dependent on paper. Not long back, students were expected to print out forms, fill them manually, sign and scan them, then upload and email them to the university. With an interactive and easy-to-use electronic signature platform, all you need to do is upload a form or letter, fill it, sign it and send it by email. Not an A4 sheet in sight. Not only do you save on paper but also on time and effort.

  • Scholarships

Scholarships are like a sigh of relief for students who want to study abroad. Apart from the loans, it’s always a good idea to check whether you qualify for any scholarships that could fund your overseas education. Many organizations and schools offer scholarships based on your academic merit and financial need. Applying for scholarships, like every other element of applications to study abroad, has become more convenient with the emergence of digital technology. You can fill out and sign your scholarship application forms online with the help of e-signatures, eliminating the hassle of printing and scanning, etc.

  • Student Loans

Student loans are another way of fulfilling your dream to study abroad. Student loans provide for lodging, tuition fees, healthcare, and study materials. We suggest checking the possible loan structures to fit your requirements, verifying if you are eligible for the same, and applying for the student loan online. Nowadays, e-signatures have made it more convenient to complete the workflow in financial organizations. Electronic signatures save a lot of time and costs and streamline processes.

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  • Hybrid Education

The coronavirus has forced every sector to drastically transform how they function, including the education sector. Employees and students have been extensively asking for remote or hybrid scenarios. Hybrid education is a mix of online and classroom training. Most educational organizations have tied up with foreign universities to help students get their initial training in their home country through online classes and then move abroad for further studies. Students who wish to earn a degree from an esteemed university abroad can opt for E-learning to start with and then move when suitable.

Get Started with DrySign

As long as you have an apt strategy and appropriate tools, no one can stop you from achieving your goal. DrySign electronic signatures are one such platform that helps not only students but also educational institutions to simplify and accelerate the application process. As many colleges start to incorporate e-signatures, online admissions have become less complicated and daunting for students. No matter where your dream university is located, you can effortlessly fill up application forms and apply for universities, insurance, loans, and scholarships from anywhere, in just a few clicks!

Here’s how DrySign can help simplify your journey to studying abroad:

  • Efficient functionality – legal, secure, ready-to-use e-signature & document storage solution
  • Zero offline workflow – access all your educational files in just a few clicks
  • Robust security – end-to-end encryption for all files, safe from theft or loss
  • Paperless solution – save time and money on printing and physical storage costs
  • Quick & convenient workflow – sign admission and application forms from anywhere, anytime
  • Fraud protection – comprehensive audit trails of all documents; safely backed up on the cloud
  • Smart dashboard – powerful, actionable insights at a glance; easier decision making
  • Group sign – the same document can be signed by more than two people in minutes
  • Real-time notifications – set up reminders and receive real-time notifications; stay updated
  • Seamless integration – 1-click integration with Salesforce, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox
  • Remote-work proof – enables quick and efficient collaboration from anywhere, anytime

Use DrySign e-signatures to achieve your goals! Check out our Free Version to get started!

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