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E-signatures: Streamlining Onboarding of Freelancers

Vijith Menon
In the heart of the global business landscape, India stands as a testament to the power of freelancing. With 60% of freelancers under the age of 30 and an average annual income…

Streamlining Cross-Border Deals: The E-Signature Revolution in India

Vijith Menon
India, known for its vibrant culture and booming business landscape, is rapidly embracing electronic contracts and e-signatures to simplify international trade. As we embark on…

E-signatures – Adding a Layer of Security to Online Agreements

Vijith Menon
In an era where digital transformation is at its zenith and the world is adapting to new norms brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses face an unprecedented challenge:…

How eSignatures Boost Performance Appraisals Workflows

Vijith Menon
Performance appraisals have long been a crucial component of talent management within organizations. They provide employees with feedback, recognition, and direction for…

The Role of eSignatures in Securing Digital Documents

Vijith Menon
In our fast-paced digital age, data wields immense power, driving businesses and shaping our lives. Yet, as you traverse the vast internet landscape, your digital treasure trove…

Want to start a franchisee? Learn how eSignatures make it easy

Avantika Joglekar
Franchising, a powerful business concept that has been sweeping across India, is transforming the nation's entrepreneurial landscape. It's a dynamic approach that empowers…