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Digital Signatures for E-tendering

Nidhi Prasad
Simply put, ‘E-tendering’ is the process of sending and receiving tenders via the internet. From complete advertising to receiving and submitting tender-related information, the…

Is your Sales Team Using the Right E-signature Tool?

Ruelha Mascarenhas
Whether your company directly or indirectly sells, distributes, or markets products or services to other businesses or directly to consumers, the impact of a company’s sales team…

6 Mistakes to Avoid With Electronic Signatures

Ruelha Mascarenhas
When we initiate a conversation about electronic signatures and digital signatures, most people instantly think about that last parcel they signed for. They remember using a poor-…

The Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

Ruelha Mascarenhas
Change is the only constant. And the ones who embrace and adapt to change are the ones who thrive. This theory has manifested itself throughout the COVID-infested years we have…

Boosting Sales with Digital Signatures as a Catalyst

Girish Karajgi
Sales, as we know, is an entirely different ecosystem in itself with most of its aspects automated. With applications like CRM, ERP, chatbots, and email marketing tools among many…

8 Digitization Tools That Will Take Your New Business to the Next Level

Ruelha Mascarenhas
The economy and the market have evolved drastically since the tremors of COVID. Businesses today rely heavily on online and remote workflows. If you intend to launch a startup,…