Electronic Signature Solution for the Retail Sector

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DrySign’s electronic signature platform helps save time, money, and effort and can be easily integrated into existing operations for better customer experience

With industries digitally transforming all around the world, customers prefer service that is modern and personalized. The retail sector primarily revolves around customer service, and digitizing processes streamline operations and enhance efficiency, ultimately resulting in improved customer experience. An electronic signature solution helps retailers reduce the time associated with administrative tasks while minimizing paper consumption and storage requirements. With DrySign’s cloud storage, retailers can reduce the costs of storing and maintaining piles of documents. DrySign reduces the turnaround time required to draft documents and get signatures, allowing retailers to focus on their key goal of providing customer satisfaction. Compliant with the IT Act, 2000 and certified by a licensed authority like eMudhra, DrySign is a legally binding solution that retailers can rely on to power their operations.

Use Cases:

  • Supplier forms
  • Concession documents
  • Contracts
  • Credit agreements
  • Employment contracts

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