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Digital Signatures: Streamlining Remote Work

Pooja Patil
The Covid-19 pandemic has made several noteworthy changes to the way we work and remote work is definitely one of those most significant shifts. As businesses reopened following…

Digital Signatures: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

Pooja Patil
The manufacturing industry is a complex and dynamic sector that requires efficient and effective documentation practices to ensure high-quality and safe production. Documentation…

How an eSignature Workflow Streamlines Document Management

Vijith Menon
In today's fast-paced business world, achieving productivity is a top priority for organizations seeking to remain competitive. However, complex workflows and digital organization…

12 Must-Use Digital Tools for HR Departments

Pooja Patil
Over the years, the role of the Human Resources (HR) department has undergone a significant transformation. In addition to recruiting and onboarding new employees, HR…

eSignatures and the Future of Healthcare in India

Vijith Menon
India has been undergoing a digital transformation of healthcare in recent years, intending to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare services nationwide. One of the…

How eSignatures & the Cloud Drive Digital Transformation

Vijith Menon
Data is central to business and its processes. We produce roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes every day, as per IBM. We are also continuously sending and receiving data. Organizations…